Swachha Chikhodra Maru Chikhodra Trust was organised on 25th May 2004 with sole purpose of betterment of village of Chikhodra.
Public as well as personal cleaniness, general public education and awareness is central moto of this organisation.
Our organization is open accessable to all and every citizen of village of Chikhodra. We will continue to promote youth of chikodra to participate and manage various activities undertaken by our trust.
Trustee of the Organasation
    President : Dr. Ramanbhai A Patel
    Vice President : Ashwinbhai Maganbhai Patel
    Secretary & Treasurer : Rameshbhai C Patel
    Assist. Secretary : Bhaveshbhai Gordhanbhai Patel
    Trustess at large : Ghanshyambhai Tulsibhai Patel
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