Patidar Samaj Bhuvan
Under new trusteeship Patidar Wadi as well as this new facility (Opp. Masjid) will be utilized for various function.
Mahila Gruh Udyog Center
Currently 75 ladies from our patidar samaj are working. We are using balmandir on second floor. Once this new facility is completed ground floor will provide 200+ jobs to our ladies.
All outside streets are leveled and paved or covered with cement road.
Electric Bill Location Center
Recently govt. is giving contract to private parties for collection of electric bills. We are selected for it. We will provide some jobs to our young peoples.
Audio Video Visnal Facility
2nd floor will be used for various teaching and awareness (Janjagruti) Programe. Spoken English classes will be conducted we will invite various experts for lecturer to our people. For e.g. health, agriculture, laws dairy farming etc.
We will show more every 15 days to our Sr. citizens. We will also use our small social function as well
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